• American wives (Army wives)


                     " The Army has its code ; the wives have their own "

    If you love military atmosphere or even if you want to join army, this is for you ! 


                              American wives (Army wives)


                Army wives is an american drama serie created by Katherine Fugate in 2007 but it was stopped in 2013 because of a huge decline of audience. There is seven seasons for  117 episodes.  This serie is about the life of four army wives and one army husband (and their families) in a military base called FORT MARSHALL  in South Carolina. There is a lot of tragedy but also romance just at the beginning of the pilot.  We can see that the situation of the four wives and the husband which is being married of army soldier brought them together. They get closer and became friends; they also shared a lot of things.


    Tania Biank and her novel


                     It was based on the novel of Tanya Biank : Under the sabers : the unwritten code of army wives. She writes this book because she was raised in a military spirit: she comes from a family of veterans but above all she is an army wife and she has volunteered her time to the military community. She lives in Virginia with her husband and their tho childen.


    My favourite character


                    My favourite character is Claudia Holden; she has such a great heart, she is a great value for support army families. She is elegant. She went through something really hard and even though this horrible thing, she faced it.  

    American wives (Army wives)


    And for you, pictures of the couples

    American wives (Army wives)  Sherwood couple American wives (Army wives)  Holden couple

    American wives (Army wives)   Moran couple American wives (Army wives)  Leblanc couple


    American wives (Army wives)






      Burton couple   



      Which one do you prefer ? For me, I can't take my decision between Leblanc and Holden.








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