• After Earth

    I have a little question for you... Have you already imagined what the earth would look like in 1000 years ? Well, M. Night Shyalmalan did it in his new film : "After Earth" ! 

    The Earth has been evacuated by the humans for an unknown reason... The Humans developped a lot after 1000 years of living in their new colonised planet :"Nova Prime" and they never came back on their home planet. But one day, the general Cypher Raige space ship is hurt by an asteroid which crashes on the earth,that  in 1000 years, has became a really hostile planet. He is the only survivor with his son Kitai, and they will try to stay alive in this planet full of creatures who will have only one goal : Kill them !

    Now here's the trailer for you... Enjoy (it) !


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