• Hello everybody.
    Like every week I have some news for you. And today as usual I'm going to give you some that aren't good at all. 

    Chemical Weapon That's what Bachar al-Assad governent used on the rebels. The French and English Governement could comfirm it with some physiological clue. This civil war takes a form that nobody wanted to see. François Hollande, the French President, asked the UNO to send inspectors to make more researches on this unacceptable way of war.

    The "gas Sarin" Intervention in Syria ?like show it the map (sorry it's in french) the chemical weapon have been used 5 time or more against the rebbel.


    In my opinion, the UNO should act and not let the syrian governement treat  the population of his own country like that.

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    Ingredients :

    500g flour

    1L Milk

    3 eggs

    A tear of Orange blossom

    And as much as sugar as you want, the best is to taste ;)


    Preparation :

    Mix in order 

    It's better if you lift to rest several hour but you can make it now.

    Take a pan on the middle fire with a little of oil

    take a full ladle (une louche) of pastry

    place it in on the middle of the pan without spread out

    Wait a moment that it make bubbles 

    And return it .

    IT'S READY !


    I recommend you to serv it with a taplespoon of fresh cream or vanilla icecrem and maple syrup or honey !

    Good Lunch ;)


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  •  Roland Garros 

    Roger Federer v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at French Open



    The french home favourite takes confidence from previous victories by beating Roger Federer in the quarter-final in three sets 5-7, 3-6, 3-4. Tsonga deserves the credit. He was explosive. Tsonga wiil play against Ferer in the semi finals. Good luck ! 

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  • O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!...Lala how the life goes on...O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!...Lala how the life goes on.

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  • ~ Hi Everyone !!

    I'm writing  this little message  to say  that  my  year  in 1L  was  just amazing  ,  I've learnt much   during  this  year and  all of  you are  going  to  miss  me  , but we are going keep in touch <3

    Hi guys! It was a wonderfull year by your side my friends. I hope that one day this nation will..Oups sorry. Martin Luther King Syndrom. I hope that we will be together next year. I have to say goodbye to Marine and Laurane, because they leave our class. Goodbye girls. God save you.


    This year brought me so much, I've learnt so many things, I really enjoyed this class and didn't regret to take this option. It was much more that I expected. Thank you Mrs. Aissani. 


    Hi everyone, I'm really pride of myself because this year, I learned a lot, thanks to our teacher who made us work hard. Thanks to my mates who helped me to become better. Thanks to the 1ereL and I hope the next year will be better!



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  • The 29 may 2013, in China, a baby was recoverd in a pipe. Indeed, neibours were alerting by the shream of a baby, and so decide to call fireman. Baby was saved, but the main questions are Why and How ?

    The story is simple but dramatic. A woman throws her baby in toilet because ... she doesn't want a baby. 

    Tragic story, but the baby is good today. 

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  • This monday, May 29 ,  eleven days after the proclamation of  the law Taubira ,  The mayor of  Montpelier Hélène Mandroux wich remain historically celebrated the first  same-sex marriage in France .
    Vincent  and  Bruno  have said  " YES" .. 

    The first same-sex marriage celebrated in France

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