• I Run Away



    I'm fed up with your lies

    I just want to wish you goodbye

    I want to be listened to

    And I don't want to look like you

    You can't make me stay



    I feel so locked up

    Never mind if you are shocked

    I don't need anybody anyway

    Let me run away


    I smell only of pain

    It's necessary to cry shame

    So I want to rebel

    you Go and die in hell


    Let's stop screaming

    I want to think of my dream

    Let me run away

    Or I will pass away



    Codes messages :

    Pass away : I will disappear

    Look like : I want to be different of you

    Locked up : I do not feel good



    In my song , I protest against the society , which doesn't let freedom and liberty of expression. In my song I say that all the people lie without reason, and nobody listens to me. I try to run away to have a better world, and I don't want to look down on the society. And If I don't run away , if I don't cry my pain , I will pass away .. all will be over , I would die .


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