• Dystopian tail


    Once upon a time, a country devastated, annihilated, destroyed by a tragic event. An event which have caused a big quake so amazing that the world speaks of it: Jerome Cahuzac whic have an illegal bank account to Switzerland. It’s dreadful, really! After all, it’s true that it’s amazing. A politician with an illegal bank account, it’s so unimaginable. After this, all politicians say that they are shocking like Sardine Morora (the jester of the old king), Jean-François Tarré (Iznogoud. He want to become the king instead the King), Marine La Peine (The devil) in short, the whole valley of the right.

    After this revelation, the King François 12th was angry against his minister. So much so that he wanted to kill him. But finally, the jester of the King, J-M  Zero, asked her to spare. The King accepted but he drove his minister out of the kingdom. His old minister is alone … forever alone. Since, the old minister fights all right and left charges. The right critics his behavior unworthy but … their old King is involved in a court case for embezzlement precisely. The left proposes new laws for the ministers and to prevent the frauds … It’s good! Congratulations! It took several fraud cases it is for those ideas! It’s really good … or then, the country finally wakes up and in recent decades, it has been controlled by the scammers. This would explain why our King has difficulties for to fight the evil witch named: "financial crisis”. In short, I talked about the news.

    Alexis Meillan 

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    Celine F Celine F profile
    Sunday 14th April 2013 at 21:02

    I love your article and your little comment in it, it's really good :) !

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